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davinci_slash's Journal

Slashing 'The Da Vinci Code'
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This is a community for the reading and sharing of slash fanfiction based on 'The Da Vinci Code', as both a book and a movie. Standard rating and disclaimers apply. Please label each fic or art with the pairing and rating, as well as placing EVERYTHING not in the heading beneath a lj-cut.

All pairings are accepted, even those not listed in the interests (they will be added). All fics are archived in the memories section, as well as being 'tagged' for easy searching later.

This is not a discussion community, nor do the members of the community ALWAYS agree with the ideas put forth by the book. We just like the idea of Paul Bettany and Alfred Molina getting it on. Flames or attacks on the book, the fiction or the ideas behind the novel will be deleted and the original posting account banned from the community. There are plenty of novel discussion groups and I'm sure they'd like to hear your opinions.

Any problems or questions should be directed to : pint_of_shame {at} livejournal {dot} com.